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For further information on Officials refer to the MotorSport Manual (Part VII of the National Sporting Code and Appendix One, Schedule L).

Race / Rally Specialist Register (RSR)

Race and Rally volunteers can apply to be on the Race / Rally Specialist Register. There are three grades of RSR licence – Standard, Silver and Gold. Applicants are issued with a logbook which details the category / categories the licence is issued for, and acts as a record of attendance for events you have officiated at. Applications for RSR logbooks must be signed by the department head of the category you are applying for.

A Silver RSR licence recognises the holder’s capability to act as a Sector Head at any meeting and act as a Department Head at any non-championship meeting. To upgrade to a Silver RSR licence the official must have a minimum of 20 events detailed in the logbook for the category applied for, and have their application signed off by a Clerk of the Course Gold and the Department Head. A Gold RSR licence recognises the holder’s ability to act as a Department Head at a championship meeting. The minimum requirement for a Gold RSR licence is 30 events signed off in the category applied for, and endorsement from a Clerk of the Course Gold and the Department Head.

The application / upgrade form can be found in the resources tab in the MotorSport NZ Online system.


Scrutineers are required to check competing vehicles and the safety equipment of the driver prior to an event to ensure mechanical integrity, safety and compliance with the event regulations. To become a scrutineer you must attend a Scrutineers Seminar and provide details that demonstrate a sound knowledge of automotive and mechanical engineering.

Application can be made via the MotorSport NZ Online system.

Clerk of the Course Bronze

The Clerk of the Course (CotC) is responsible for the conduct of the Meeting or Event in accordance with the National Sporting Code and, in particular, the regulations governing it, except where an Event Director has authority. To become a Clerk of the Course Bronze applicants must attend a CotC Bronze Training Seminar. Seminars are held all over the country by car clubs. For details contact your local car club.

Clerk of the Course Race / Rally

Clerk of the Course licences are also issued in Gold and Silver grades for Race and Rally. Attendance is required at a seminar every two years. For details on dates and contact details for upcoming seminars refer to Meeting & Training Dates.


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