MotorSport NZ Competition and Officials Licence application / renewal forms are available from the resources tab of the MotorSport Online system. If you are unable to apply for your licence/renewal via the online system, please contact the MotorSport NZ office to obtain the forms.

IMPORTANT: Before starting the registration process, please read the guide available in the FAQ’s

CS001CS001 ClubSport Event Checklist.pdfCS001 ClubSport Event Checklist.docx
CS002CS002 Event Checklist - Motorkhana.pdfCS002 Event Checklist - Motorkhana.docx
CS003CS003 Event Timing Schedule.pdfCS003 Event Timing Schedule.docx
CS004CS004 New Competitor Briefing.pdfCS004 New Competitor Briefing.docx
CS005CS005 Passenger Declaration.pdfCS005 Passenger Declaration.docx
CS006CS006 Passenger Briefing Checklist.pdfCS006 Passenger Briefing Checklist.docx
CS007CS007 ClubSport Event Budget.pdfCS007 ClubSport Event Budget.docx
CS008CS008 Schedule of Documents and Information.pdfCS008 Schedule of Documents and Information.docx
CS009CS009 Acceptance of Entry Template.pdfCS009 Acceptance of Entry Template.docx
CS010CS010 Underage Indemnity Form.pdfCS010 Underage Indemnity Form.docx
CS011CS011 Drivers Briefing Checklist.pdfCS011 Drivers Briefing Checklist.docx
MCS301MCS301 Trials Checking Crew Clearance Certificate.pdfMCS301 Trials Checking Crew Clearance Certificate.docx
MCS302MCS302 Trials Route and Speed Schedule.pdfMCS302 Trials Route and Speed Schedule.docx
MCS303MCS303 CotC Closing Report ClubSport Events.pdfMCS303 CotC Closing Report ClubSport Events.docx
MCS304MCS304 Official ClubSport Entry Form Template.pdfMCS304 Official ClubSport Entry Form Template.docx
MCS305MCS305 Official Car Trials Entry Form Template.pdfMCS305 Official Car Trials Entry Form Template.docx
MCS306MCS306 Clearance Certificate for all ClubSport Events.pdfMCS306 Clearance Certificate for all ClubSport Events.docx
SAFE07SAFE07 Autocross Safety Plan Template.pdfSAFE07 Autocross Safety Plan Template.docx
SAFE08SAFE08 Sample Autocross Safety Plan.pdfSAFE08 Sample Autocross Safety Plan.docx
SAFE09SAFE09 Hillclimb & Sprints Safety Plan Template.pdfSAFE09 Hillclimb & Sprints Safety Plan Template.docx
SAFE10SAFE10 Sample Hillclimb & Sprints Safety Plan.pdfSAFE10 Sample Hillclimb & Sprints Safety Plan.docx
SAFE11SAFE11 Street Sprint & Grass Track Safety Plan Template.pdfSAFE11 Street Sprint & Grass Track Safety Plan Template.docx
SAFE12SAFE11 Sample Street Sprint & Grass Track Safety Plan.pdfSAFE11 Sample Street Sprint & Grass Track Safety Plan.docx
STAUDITSTAUDIT Sporting Trials Scrutineering Audit Worksheet.pdfSTAUDIT Sporting Trials Scrutineering Audit Worksheet.docx
STCLEARSTCLEAR Sporting Trials Safety Plan & Clearance Certificate.pdfSTCLEAR Sporting Trials Safety Plan & Clearance Certificate.docx
STENTRYSTENTRY Sporting Trials Entry Form Template.pdfSTENTRY Sporting Trials Entry Form Template.docx
RY000RY000 Rally Start Log.pdfRY000 Rally Start Log.docx
RY001RY001 Start Control Log.pdfRY001 Start Control Log.docx
RY002RY002 Start Finish Line Log.pdfRY002 Start Finish Line Log.docx
RY003RY003 Finish Control Back up Log.pdfRY003 Finish Control Back up Log.docx
RY004RY004 Finish Control Log.pdfRY004 Finish Control Log.docx
RY005RY005 Service - Regroup In or Out Log.pdfRY005 Service - Regroup In or Out Log.docx
RY006RY006 Penalty Log.pdfRY006 Penalty Log.docx
RY007RY007 Criss Cross Sheet - Car Numbers.pdfRY007 Criss Cross Sheet - Car Numbers.docx
RY008RY008 Criss Cross Sheet - Start Order.pdfRY008 Criss Cross Sheet - Start Order.docx
RY009RY009 Timecard.pdfRY009 Timecard.xlsx
RY011RY011 SS Times to HQ.pdfRY011 SS Times to HQ.docx
RY012RY012 Official Bulletin Signing Sheet.pdfRY012 Official Bulletin Signing Sheet.docx
RY013RY013 Safety Car Clearance Certificate.pdfRY013 Safety Car Clearance Certificate.docx
RY014RY014 Rally HQ Emergency Information Form.pdfRY014 Rally HQ Emergency Information Form.docx
RY015RY015 Control Group Stage Log.pdfRY015 Control Group Stage Log.docx
RY016RY016 Memo to the Clerk of the Course.pdfRY016 Memo to the Clerk of the Course.docx
RY017RY017 Radio Message Form.pdfRY017 Radio Message Form.docx
RY018RY018 Control Layouts.pdfRY018 Control Layouts.docx
RY019RY019 Sample Time Card - Control Group Duties.pdfRY019 Sample Time Card - Control Group Duties.docx
RY020RY020 Laminated Road Closure Notice Template.pdfRY020 Laminated Road Closure Notice Template.docx
RY021RY021 Master Log.pdfRY021 Master Log.docx
RY022RY022 Itinerary Layout Template.pdfRY022 Itinerary Layout Template.docx
RY023RY023 Medical Block & Safety Marshall Schedule Template.pdfRY023 Medical Block & Safety Marshall Schedule Template.docx
RY024RY024 CotC Event Presentation Template.pdfRY024 CotC Event Presentation Template.docx
RY025RY025 Stewards Meeting Agenda Template.pdfRY025 Stewards Meeting Agenda Template.docx
RY026RY026 Certificate of Appointment Template.pdfRY026 Certificate of Appointment Template.docx
RY027RY027 Bulletin Template.pdfRY027 Bulletin Template.docx
RY028RY028 Officials Information Packs.pdfRY028 Officials Information Packs.docx
RY029RY029 Competitor Inf Booklet Proposed Headings.pdfRY029 Competitor Inf Booklet Proposed Headings.docx
RY030RY030 Example Report of Competition.pdfRY030 Example Report of Competition.docx
RY031RY031 Control Group A CotC Timetable.pdfRY031 Control Group A CotC Timetable.docx
RY032RY032 Incident Sheet.pdfRY032 Incident Sheet.docx
RY033RY033 Inquiry Sheet.pdfRY033 Inquiry Sheet.docx
RY034RY034 Notification of Withdrawal from Rally.pdfRY034 Notification of Withdrawal from Rally.docx
RY035RY035 Rally Observers Report.pdfRY035 Rally Observers Report.docx
RY036RY036 New Competitor Briefing Template.pdfRY036 New Competitor Briefing Template.docx
RY037RY037 Notification of Temp Withdrawal.pdfRY037 Notification of Temp Withdrawal.docx
RY038RY038 Notification of Rejoining Rally.pdfRY038 Notification of Rejoining Rally.docx
RY040RY040 Safety Brochure.pdfRY040 Safety Brochure.docx
RY041RY041 Rally Observation Report.pdfRY041 Rally Observation Report.docx
RY042RY042 Sweeper Logs.pdfRY042 Sweeper Logs.docx
MRY201MRY201 Checkers Clearance Certificate Rallies & Rallysprints.pdfMRY201 Checkers Clearance Certificate Rallies & Rallysprints.docx
MRY202MRY202 CotC Closing Report for Rallies.pdfMRY202 CotC Closing Report for Rallies.docx
MRY203MRY203 Sup Regs Template for Rallies.pdfMRY203 Sup Regs Template for Rallies.docx
MRY204MRY204 Official Rally Entry Form Template.pdfMRY204 Official Rally Entry Form Template.docx
MRY205MRY205 Injury Accident Information Checklist.pdfMRY205 Injury Accident Information Checklist.docx
MRY206MRY206 Safety Clearance Certificate for Rallies & Rallysprints.pdfMRY206 Safety Clearance Certificate for Rallies & Rallysprints.docx
SAFE04SAFE04 Safety Plan Template.pdfSAFE04 Safety Plan Template.docx
RE001RE001 Supplementary Regulations Part 1 Template.pdfRE001 Supplementary Regulations Part 1 Template.docx
RE002RE002 Supplementary Regulations Part 2 Template.pdfRE002 Supplementary Regulations Part 2 Template.docx
RE003RE003 Supplementary Regulations Part 1&2 Template.pdfRE003 Supplementary Regulations Part 1&2 Template.docx
RE004RE004 Race Budget Form.pdfRE004 Race Budget Form.docx
RE005RE005 Schedule of Documents & Information.pdfRE005 Schedule of Documents & Information.docx
RE006RE005 Schedule of Documents & Information.pdfRE005 Schedule of Documents & Information.docx
RE007RE007 New Race Competitors Briefing Checklist.pdfRE007 New Race Competitors Briefing Checklist.docx
RE008RE008 Sign On Form.pdfRE008 Sign On Form.docx
RE009RE009 Noise Level Warning.pdfRE009 Noise Level Warning.docx
RE010RE010 Competition Number Non-Compliance Notice.pdfRE010 Competition Number Non-Compliance Notice.docx
RE011RE011 Bulletin Template.pdfRE011 Bulletin Template.docx
RE012RE012 Race Inquiry Sheet.pdfRE012 Race Inquiry Sheet.docx
MRE101MRE101 CotC Closing Report for Race Meetings.pdfMRE101 CotC Closing Report for Race Meetings.docx
MRE102MRE102 Safety Clearance Certificate for Race Meetings.pdfMRE102 Safety Clearance Certificate for Race Meetings.docx
MRE103MRE103 Official Race Entry Form Template.pdfMRE103 Official Race Entry Form Template.docx
MRE104MRE104 Incident Report.pdfMRE104 Incident Report.docx
Q001CQ001C Sanctioned Series Articles Race Template.pdfQ001C Sanctioned Series Articles Race Template.docx
CageGuideMSNZ Guidelines for Safety Cage Homologation.pdf
ListManfMSNZ Recognised Manufacturer List.pdf
T001T001 Vehicle Logbook Application.pdfT001 Vehicle Logbook Application.docx
T002T002 Safety Cage - Rollbar Homologation Form.pdfT002 Safety Cage - Rollbar Homologation Form.docx
T004T004 Roll Protection Homologation Extension Application.pdfT004 Roll Protection Homologation Extension Application.docx
T005T005 Safety Structure Repair Form.pdfT005 Safety Structure Repair Form.docx
T006T006 Roll Protection Approval Schedule K & T&C Vehicles.pdfT006 Roll Protection Approval Schedule K & T&C Vehicles.docx
T007T007 Authority Card Application.pdfT007 Authority Card Application.docx
T008T008 Authority Card Renewal Application.pdfT008 Authority Card Renewal Application.docx
T009T009 Certificate of Description Application.pdfT009 Certificate of Description Application.docx
T010T010 Certificate of Description Update Form.pdfT010 Certificate of Description Update Form.docx
T020T020 Safety Audit Program Form.pdfT020 Safety Audit Program Form.docx
T021T020 Safety Audit Worksheet Form.pdfT020 Safety Audit Worksheet Form.docx
T022T020 Safety Audit Summary.pdfT020 Safety Audit Summary.docx
T023T023 Report to CotC Result of Safety Audit.pdfT023 Report to CotC Result of Safety Audit.docx
T026T026 Vehicle Damage Report Form.pdfT026 Vehicle Damage Report Form.docx
T027T027 COD Audit Check Sheet.pdfT027 COD Audit Check Sheet.docx
T028T028 HTP Inspection Report.pdfT028 HTP Inspection Report.docx
T029T029 Roll Protection Recognition Application Form.pdfT029 Roll Protection Recognition Application Form.docx
T036T036 Exemption Application for Left-Hand Drive Vehicles.pdfT036 Exemption Application for Left-Hand Drive Vehicles.docx
T037T037 Exemption Application for Pre-Frontal Impact Compliant Vehicles.pdfT037 Exemption Application for Pre-Frontal Impact Compliant Vehicles.docx


35092                                      NSC Part I

Mon 19 Sep ‘16

35091                              Appendix Two

Schedule A                          Tue 12 Jul ‘16

35090                             Appendix Two

Schedule A                          Fri 01 Jul ‘16

35089                             Appendix One

Schedule B                           Fri 01 Jul ‘16

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